I’ve not written anything for a little while. I’ve been busy, and generally quite happy and positive. There’s obviously at least a kernel of truth to the idea that creativity is hard when you’re content. The last few days have been harder and I find myself drawn back here once more… 

I don’t think it helps that my other half is injured at the moment, and the rekindling of our sex life has hit the skids. I obviously don’t blame her because I’m not a bastard, but in my more selfish and contemplative moments I do find myself focusing on our past mistakes and the paranoia sets in once more. I’m still a little broken and I don’t know how to fix myself. 

We’re going away for a night to a fancy apartment next week, and the following afternoon I’ll be having the Big V. I’m waiting for Monday like a kid counts down the sleeps until Christmas. I want a really dirty night away. A proper send-off for my boys. If I find myself with my tongue inside her cunt, juices dripping down my face, and her nylon-clad thighs gripping my head tightly then maybe the last week or so will have been worth it. 


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