I feel like we’re getting back on track. I feel like we’re getting through the worst and moving forward. Last night, for the first time in a while I felt like you truly wanted me. Not out of pity, guilt, or duty – but desire, lust, and animal need. 

You got into bed in just a t-shirt, and your long, gorgeous legs looked amazing in the dim light. You turned to me and we cuddled, with hands quickly moving to our arses, and then in between our thighs. 

I rubbed your cunt lips, brushing the back of my thumb against your clit. You slowly let go of my cock as I moved my mouth down to taste you. You opened your legs to me, and then started touching yourself while I licked you. You are so fucking hot when you touch yourself. I felt like a spectator at a show – not in a distant way, bit rather you were getting off massively and wanted me to have a front row seat. You came as we both touched you and tasted you and I felt a happiness and closeness we haven’t truly had for years. 

You rolled me onto my back and I spent what must have been quarter of an hour being teased by your tongue and touch. Your hair tickling me slightly as you ran your mouth from my balls to the tip of my cock. Your fingers gently scratching at my thighs and teasing my anus. 

I came harder than I have since that dirty weekend away and slept like a log. Spent, content, and feeling incredibly wanted. 

I love you. 


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