The games we play…

Although I am an avid consumer of all sorts of pornography, I tend to find that when I am approaching orgasm I switch off from whatever I have been using to get myself off and concentrate on my own imagination or, more often, my own memories. Or as the more crude among might to refer to it as – my wank bank.

This is my first effort at trying to vocalise and visualise one of these memories for the blog. 

I often think back to that early, cold, and slightly cramped flat we shared as younger twenty-somethings. We were just kids, and I want to shake us and yell in our faces that we will never have the same freedoms and lack of responsibilities ever again. The spark had already started to fade in bed, and we tried to ignite it with a board game called Monogamy. I don’t remember that many nights of passionate fucking in that flat, but the two nights we played Monogamy are indelibly etched on my mind and are often my go-to image for when I am desperate to cum. Especially lying next to you, in bed. While my memories of those nights have faded and merged over the years, there are some moments that burn as bright as if they happened last night. 

You took a shower while I set up the game. I’ve always been the geeky lad who follows the rules, and not just in bed. I read through some of the cards, and started growing hard at even some of the softer ‘dares’ and rewards. You came out of the bathroom in your dressing gown and we started playing. It started reasonably innocently as we spoke about our mild fantasies while drinking wine. At one point I licked some strawberry cheesecake Hagen Daz from your toe, and then your inner thigh. My erection was rock hard, as hard as it was for the hours we spent together on that first night in the cinema, at the bus stop, and on the sofa at your family’s house.

Soon I had an ice cube in my mouth. I laid back on the floor as you placed your knees either side of my face. Lowering your cunt to my mouth seemed to take an age and I could smell you before I tasted you. With my tongue I pressed the ice cube against your pussy lips, and you shuddered, pulling my face right up against you. I almost came there and then, with your hands on the back of my hand and the ice cube that tasted of you melting at the back of my throat.

After a cuddle and a drink, I picked up a new card. The instructions were simple and it played into my deepest fantasies of completely loosing control. I stripped naked in silence, and you tied a stocking you had just removed around head, blindfolding me. I had one instruction – to stand perfectly still and not move a muscle. You gently hit me with a wooden spoon on the arse, kissed my neck, and vigorously wanked off my cock. And then you used me. Oh, how fucking amazing it was to be used by you. Rubbing your cunt on my leg as you caressed me, and they taking my hand and grinding yourself on my fingers, pushing them inside you…

After that night I wanted to send dirty text messages and keep the momentum going in some shape or form, but I never built up the courage. Maybe if I had we wouldn’t be where we are right now?


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